2023putting a root on someone

What is to put a root on someone?

To Put roots on someone means to cause supernatural powers effective on that person. First of all, root means “emirandira“ in my tribe. 2022putting a root on someone, Roots are part of the botany that give plants support from the ground. Spiritually, the word root means attaining privileged control over something or someone. Putting roots can be for love, money, or any other witchcraft practices. Perhaps, it does not matter where you are actually performing it from, but it only matters how you are doing it.

However, in this article, you are going to learn how to put roots on someone for your reason.  This includes the use of spells, witchcraft, voodoo doll, black and white magic.

Putting a root on someone can be for love, marriage, money, strengthening your relationship, or any other witchcraft practices, you can perform this ritual at home, but it does matter where are you performing it. Today, you are lucky since, in this article you will learn how to put a root on someone for various reason?

  • Make him/her want you
  • Bring back a lost love
  • Make him/her think about you
  • Make your relationship last long
  • Make someone fall in love with you
  • Bring back a lost lover
  • Make him/her respect your opinions
  • Make him/her do what you want

Then you need to learn how to put roots on someone you desire in your life, So continue reading this article and you will get to know how to put a root on someone

how to put roots on a man to keep him

It is very crucial that I begin with love and relationship. This is because love rounds the whole world and controls people’s hearts. The Idea of trying to influence any person for your malicious intentions goes against the ethics of witchcraft practitioners and magicians. So one must be very careful because the witchcraft prepared to try to make someone to do something they don’t want, is not good. Don’t just test spells or witchcraft on someone because spells you want to see how it works. No! don’t test!!.

Spells are real and they work. Use them for a specific purpose you have examined. Love roots should be used with the intent that the occurrence will only be in accordance with a greater good. That is; you are helping something to happen but not to force it maliciously.

put a root someone

Before we go ahead, one must think about whether he/she really want to make that person he/she want to fall for. Once we hook him in it, it will be hard to get him to leave alone.

put roots on someone-Make someone fall in love and commit

Do you really want to make him/her fall in love and commit by putting roots on them? First ask yourself is that person a good marriage material on your side? Is that person also has the same feeling towards you. Then it a high time to move on. Once we put roots on her/him, it will be difficult to het him/her leave alone

how do you know if someone put roots on you

it is not clear for human beings to know and identify whether someone put roots on them. Identification involving revealing the witchcraft, spell or black magic that used against on you.

Some types of Witchcraft, evil spirit, black magic have hidden they symptoms from human such as health illness, headache, instabilities and many others. Although most depend on how good mastery or spellcaster.

These days, it is very difficult and rare to find one real or genuine black magic master who can put roots on someone. The bad news is nearly most spellcaster are fraud or fake.  And the good new is black magic or Witchcraft exits and there are few most trustworthy people who can do it effectively, 2022putting a root on someone

signs someone put roots on you

In life, we strive to surround ourselves with good and caring people. Despite our better judgment, malicious people may work their way into our life. These may be armed with the knowledge or interest of harming you with witchcraft or putting roots on someone or you. These cruel individuals can disorganize your life be it in love or finance or your mood. It may be difficult to tell if you were put on roots, but as time moves, you may realize it although everything you owned will have gone.

So If you start to suspect anything affecting your string of bad luck, you too should opt for witchcraft or spells to return the bad energies to their sources or cleanse them. 2022putting a root on someone

I have practiced witchcraft for quite many years and I have solved issues of putting roots on someone. Below are some of the signs you may know that someone put roots on you;

  • Sudden Relationship Issues
  • Financial Trouble
  • Health Problems
  • Changes in Your Appearance
  • And among others not mentioned

Methods to put a root on someone

You may practice it through the use of Incense, voodoo doll, spells, and others. Here I have written about how to put roots through incense only. Follow love spells or other witchcraft to read about these respective types. Otherwise, with incense; you mix all requirements to make one perfume you will be using. Say out what you want when spraying the perfume on yourself. However, below are the incense ingredients

 Love incense, to attract a lover or love a friend

  1. ½ part acacia
  2. 1 part rosemary
  3. ¼ part Elder
  4. ½ part Frankincense Resin
  5. 1 part dogwood
  6. Few drops of lemon and verbena oil

NB: This is like trying to increase your Charisma or charm to attract specific or desired people. You do it by planting a root to them such that their minds are bent towards your intentions. Besides attraction, this ritual will also make them fall in love with you. Thus put roots on someone

Draw strength in a relationship with the love incense

  1. 2 part sandalwood
  2. ½ part Basil
  3. ½ part Bergamot
  4. Few drops of rose oil
  5. Few drops of Lavender oil

NB: Here you create more love, passion, and joy in the relationship. For relationships that seem to be loose or on the verge of breaking or those relationships that never experience any happiness, here is the best way to go. this only applies if you want to practice it on your own. 2022putting a root on someone, Perhaps you are also free to get in touch with me that I can use my powerful witchcraft accompanied by the special powers to put roots on the person you love.


Do not waste much time. As many people have tried this on their own at home, few have succeeded while many have failed to get results. However, this is to appeal to you to contact me such that I can help you. There are some things that require the summoning of the powers of the universe, and you may not have that capacity. Leave this to us, this is our gifted work. 2022putting a root on someone, Request us to help you. Don’t struggle alone in vain when you have nothing like voodoo powers. This is our field and we have experience in it. Let some things be done for you, perhaps the people like us are gifted with supernatural powers that we influence to change situations. So contact me now.

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