Candle Magic Spell

Candle Magic Spell

Are you seeking financial abundance and prosperity in your life? Candle magic is a powerful and ancient practice that can help you manifest your financial desires. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the mystical world of candle magic for money. By the end of this post, you’ll be well-equipped to use this enchanting practice to enhance your financial well-being. Candle Magic Spell

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic where candles are used as a tool to focus energy and intent. This practice is rooted in various spiritual and esoteric traditions and is known for its effectiveness in bringing about positive changes in one’s life, including attracting money.

How Candle Magic spell work

Candle Magic spell are believed to possess mystical properties that can attract wealth and abundance into one’s life. These candles are typically made with specific colors, scents, and infused with powerful intentions to enhance their effectiveness. When lit, the flame of the money spell candle acts as a beacon, sending out vibrations and energy that align with the intention of attracting financial prosperity.

The color of the candle is often chosen based on its symbolism. Green is commonly associated with money and abundance, while gold or yellow represents wealth and success. The scent infused in these candles is also carefully selected to enhance the magical properties. Essential oils like cinnamon, basil, or bergamot are often used for their association with prosperity. To work with a money spell candle, one must set a clear intention for attracting wealth while lighting it.

Getting Started

Select the Right Candle

Choosing the right candle is crucial for your money spell. Green candles are commonly associated with financial matters and prosperity. Make sure your candle is clean and free from any negative energy.


Before starting your candle magic, it’s essential to purify yourself and the space. You can do this by taking a relaxing bath and meditating to clear your mind.

Setting Your Intention

Sit in a quiet space, hold the candle, and visualize your financial goals. Concentrate on your desires and speak your intention clearly. For example, “I attract financial prosperity and abundance.”

Performing the Ritual

Cleanse the Candle

To remove any lingering energy, you can cleanse the candle by passing it through incense smoke or gently sprinkling it with salt.

Anoint the Candle

Using essential oils like cinnamon or basil, anoint the candle from the center outwards. This step enhances the energy of the candle.

Light the Candle

As you light the candle, focus on your intention and imagine the money flowing into your life. The flame represents the transformation of your desires into reality.


Sit in front of the candle, meditate, and visualize your financial goals. Feel the abundance coming your way.


Candle magic for money is a potent and accessible way to attract financial prosperity into your life. By harnessing the energy of candles, setting clear intentions, and practicing regularly, you can unlock the mystical power of candle magic. Remember that patience and belief in the process are key to achieving the desired results. May your financial dreams manifest through the enchanting world of candle magic!