Spell to Make Your Crush Like You

Spell to Make Your Crush Like You

Spell to Make Your Crush Like You

Are you looking for a way to catch the eye of your crush and make them fall for you? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of powerful spells to make your crush like you. These spells are designed to ignite feelings of attraction and obsession in your crush, making them unable to resist your charm. Whether you want your crush to think about you constantly or you want them to want you only, these spells will help you achieve your desires.

Spell to Attract Your Crush

If you want to attract your crush and make them notice you, try casting a spell using a pink candle. Light the candle and focus on your intentions, visualizing your crush being drawn to you. Repeat the following incantation three times: “By the light of this flame, I call out your name. Let your heart be mine, our souls entwine.” Believe in the power of the spell and watch as your crush starts to pay more attention to you.

Spell to Make Your Crush Think About You

Do you want your crush to constantly think about you, even when you’re not around? Try this spell using a rose quartz crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand and close your eyes, imagining your crush thinking about you with longing. Repeat the following words: “With this crystal bright, you’ll think of me day and night. Our connection strong, you’ll think of me all day long.” Carry the crystal with you to keep the spell working its magic.

Spell to Make Your Crush Obsessed with You

If you desire to make your crush obsessed with you, try this powerful spell with a piece of your crush’s hair. Light a red candle and focus your energy on your crush, envisioning them becoming obsessed with you. Tie the hair around the candle and chant: “Obsession grows, your heart now knows. Thoughts only of me, so mote it be.” Be prepared for your crush to become consumed with thoughts of you.

Spell to Make Your Crush Want You Only

Do you want your crush to want you and only you? Try casting a spell using a piece of paper with both your names written on it. Fold the paper and place it under your pillow while you sleep. Visualize your crush wanting you and no one else, repeating the words: “Desire burns deep, my love you’ll keep. Wanting only me, so mote it be.” Watch as your crush’s feelings towards you intensify and become exclusive.

Seek Professional Help

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