Breakup spell

Break Up Spell Chants

Break Up Spell Chants

How to Use Powerful Break Up Spell Chants to End a Toxic Relationship

Going through a difficult breakup? Feel trapped in an unhappy relationship? Break up spell chants can help you find freedom.

Ending a relationship is never easy. But staying in a bad situation can hurt you even more. That’s why break up spells have been used for centuries to help people move on.

These mystical rituals can sever even the strongest romantic bonds. Read on to learn how to use break up spell chants to find happiness again.

Why Try a Break Up Spell Chant

Breakups take an emotional toll. You may still care deeply for your partner. Leaving may feel heartless or callous. This makes it hard to take the first step.

Break up spells offer a spiritual solution. The chant gently separates your energies. It allows you to part ways with love and compassion.

Break Up Spell Chants

The ritual dissolves any psychic cords binding you together. This releases you both to find fulfillment again. It’s designed to improve your ultimate wellbeing.

Break up spells work best when you’re both ready to move on. They simply finalize the inevitable. So don’t force a premature separation. But if you know it’s time, a chant can make it easier.

3 Powerful Break Up Spell Chants

These three break up spell chants have brought comfort to thousands. Read on for how to perform them properly:

The Lemon Ritual for Emotional Healing

This begins with two lemons. On one, inscribe your full name. On the other, your partner’s name.

Place the lemons on your altar before sunset. Go to sleep and rise before dawn. Take a spiritual cleansing bath or shower.

Pierce both lemons straight through with a nail. As you do, visualize a peaceful parting.

Over the next 40 days, chant this 100 times per day:

“Our souls now parted, our hearts free again.”

Feel the bitterness fade to forgiveness. Soon, your partner’s feelings will sour and your connection dissolve.

The Candle Spell for a Swift, Clean Break

This ritual starts with three blue candles. Rub them with jasmine oil to promote understanding.

Write your name on one paper, your partner’s on another. On the third, write the name of anyone come between you.

Light the candles. Pray for those names to part ways. Drip clove oil on each paper to banish bad energy.

Place the papers in an envelope. Sleep with it under your pillow for a week. Then burn it outdoors and bury the ashes.

This swiftly dissolves any third-party attachments or interventions.

The Oil and Water Ritual for Separating Your Lives

For this spell, you’ll need a black candle, garlic oil, salt, cayenne, and paper.

Light the candle gaze deeply into the flame. Center your mind. Write both names on the paper.

Add 3 drops garlic oil to repel negativity. Plus 1 teaspoon each cayenne and salt to dissolve the bond.

Hold the candle in your dominant hand. Concentrate on your desire to separate. Chant:

“Our names destroyed by wax, our love destroyed as well.”

Let the candle burn down fully. Bury the paper far away. This severs your connection completely.

How to Enhance Break Up Spells with a Voodoo Doll

Voodoo dolls strengthen the power of many rituals. They establish a physical embodiment of your target.

If used positively, voodoo provides incredible focus. Just craft your doll carefully and thoughtfully.

Choose materials connecting to your intention. Clay, cloth, or paper are common. Make the doll to represent your soon-to-be ex.

Give it an appropriate name. You may baptize and purify it with incense if you wish. The doll gives the chant tangibility.

How Long Do Break Up Spell Chants Take to Work?

The effects manifest gradually over days or weeks. Be patient and understanding during this time.

Trust that the ritual recurs on spiritual levels beyond the physical. Have faith and the chant will work.

Of course, professional spellcasters can amplify the results. Their experience and mystical abilities speed the effects along.

But even solo at home, these ancient rites hold power. With care and virtue, chants create real change.

Break Toxic Cycles with a Break Up Spell Chant

Don’t waste time in a relationship that feels wrong. With these rituals, you can move on gracefully. Break up spells provide comfort during difficult transitions.

They work best when you and your partner grow apart naturally. A chant simply aligns your lives back onto separate, happier paths.

Have you used a break up spell before? Do you need Help with one? Get in touch now or Share your experiences in the mail below!


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Breakup spells are as popular as love spells. Some love magic automatically eliminates love rivals, though many people just want to use a breakup spell, while others want me to cast a break up spell and love spell. How does the breakup spell work? All magic is made of psychic energy in the Temple of Wu xi using his six senses – visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition with witchcraft materials.

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A spell is basically a wish, you want your wish to come true, and in the case of a break-up spell, it will cause the person you love to lose interest in the other person and vice versa. A love spell brings two lovers together, basically the opposite of a breakup spell.

Breakup spells are difficult because they naturally involve the other person. This means that they are not doing enough white magic. A rope-cutting ceremony is the closest thing you can get to a breakup spell in white magic. Because you’re changing the relationship between two people, you’re affecting the other person’s desires, especially if they want to be with you!

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It’s a manipulation that puts these spells into the category of deep magic, but you will have no reaction if you send love and healing energy to another person.

Breakup spells definitely work. The relationships between living beings are real and powerful. Some psychics may also see them physically. Therefore, when you are connected to someone but need to be away and they do not leave you, it is really important to separate the ether connection as well.

 How To Use Break up Spells?

  • If you find that your partner has been ignoring you for a long time, his / her intimacy with someone else will undoubtedly come up with another way to save your love or marriage relationship. Break-up spells can do this for you.
  • Do you feel that you have come into contact with the wrong person? Are you frustrated by your partner for not being fair? It is meant for magic work. You need the power of a breakup spell to end such an unfair relationship. Break unnecessary relationships through the breakup spell.

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